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Creating the Culture, Setting the Standard

At Central High School, traditions were just beginning to take root. Since the birth from the merger of Beaumont- Charlton Pollard High School and French High School in 1986, this specific class of 1990 had built a firm foundation for then and future Jaguars in which to stake their memories,

This particular student body at CHS is what gave Central the unique atmosphere for which it had become known for. The striving for excellence and the maintenance of pride was never-ending. The lives of those students then have forever shape themselves and others after them into the kind of adults they have become, therefore the activities and the other living aspects through these "Unique First Four Silver and Maroon Years" of the school history were inconceivably important. Whether it be dances or an after school Job, the students there will always remember those days in the typical high school setting, the student life.

Long Live The Class of 1990 Jaguars

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